Life at 2018

Year 2018 Ends

Folks, I just wanna to share my whole story, what I actually did and made some progress of my kinds of stuff related to the tech fields. Since this story contains both success and failures, ups and downs.

January 2018

The year 2018, started with the Google India Challenge Scholarship Application, opens at January and applied without any awareness of that program. Just applied as the aspirant and haven’t waited for the result.

Started my app development as a side project and learned more on basics. Participated in Symposiums and Workshop based on Android Technologies.

February 2018

Unexpected result from Google and Udacity, that I was selected for Google India Challenge Scholarship for Android Intermediate Track among one of the 30,000 people all over India.

Started my course on Feb, 14 and I guess I was started my career at that time with Google and Udacity India.

March 2018

Started learning about Open Source Contribution, and applied for Google Summer Of Code 2018, Systers Community. Just focused on my career (Android) and submitted my application for GSoC18.

Continued learning about intermediate levels in Android Development and participated in me competitions in Google Developers Group and that’s a learning time.

April 2018

Failed to get the chance of Google Summer Of Code 2018 participation. And It was expected a result at that time. But still didn’t give up, started contributing small Open Source Projects and maintained my profile.

Feeds from Google and Udacity Scholarship team made improve my Open Source Contribution better and managed some Git and GitHub skills at that time.

May 2018

Challenge Scholarship course completed at this month with some sort of Basics-Intermediate concepts in Android Development and came to know about the value of Google Scholarship provided by Udacity India.

Previously Since I was unable to purchase the Nanodegree course and I was not in a situation to grab the paid course. But, GIS (Google India Scholarship) made my dream with free Nanodegree access with all the Future Career Fair.

June & July 2018

Published my Andoird Apps and Games in the Google PlayStore as Flicker — Way For Hollywood, and attended the one of the Biggest Event organized by TopCoder Community, TCO’18 Regional India Event in Bangalore.

August 2018

Released my first Actions in the Google Assistant, called Guess You and Veronica Here!

Invoke my app in Google Assistant by Hey Google! Talk to Guess You! and Hey Google! Talk to Veronica Here

September 2018

Hard Work Pays Off, Officially Google and Udacity announced me as the Android Developer with Nanodegree Credits. Just finished my course and challenge project at Udacity and Graduated as Android Developer at Udacity.

October 2018

Contribution on Hacktoberfest 2018, it’s Open Source Contribution and Powered by Digital Ocean and GitHub. Made a repo for beginners to contribute my project.

Applied for another Milestone of Scholarship from Facebook and Udacity, since it was applicable to all. Also got rejected as Google Code-In 2018 Mentorship.

November 2018

Hurray! another Challenge Scholarship has been confirmed. It’s from Facebook AI combined with Udacity giving PyTorch Challenge Scholarship for Phase 1 (2 Months).

Selected as the GirlScript Madurai Chapter Leader by GirlScript Foundation.

December 2018

Voila, this month is very unexpected from all over, shortlisted for iTech 2018 Codeathon and got Paid Internship at ITC InfoTech, Bangalore.


Gave the first speech about ActionsOnGoogle (Google Assistant) at IndiaBuildsActionGoogle at GDG Madurai (Google Developers Group).

A chance to talk about My GIS Experience at Google Biggest Conference called Developer Festival (DevFest18) at Madurai.

Happy New Year 2019

Thanks for reading my experience in 2018and hope you loved it, and also it will be the great year for you all guys, and I wish you Happy New Year 2019 :)




Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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Ajay Sharvesh M P

Ajay Sharvesh M P

Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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