Journey with Google and Udacity Scholarship (Phase #1) :)

About me,

I’m Ajay Sharvesh MP (Green Little Robot :P), Sophomore, Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate at Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai. At my age of 17, I didn’t had knowledge of programming and after entering into my college life, I saw many fellows who had knowledge about programming even in my class. I was motivated by their talents and got inspired with my uncle and also with my senior buddies.

About Google and Udacity,

I got to know about Udacity from my uncle, I was bit wondered about that, logged on to Udacity and started Basic Android Developer (Free Course) and ran my first code in my mobile and I got inspired myself after my app works on devices. And I got addicted to it, and learnt as mush as possible things in my summer vacation about Android. After few months I came to know about “Udacity’s Google India Challenge Scholarship 2018” and applied for that also forward to my class members. After few months I received mail from Udacity as I got in for Phase #1 Scholarship also my buddies got that too. We got excited about that and we planned to start this scholarship at Feb. 14th (Scholarship starts on that day). Thanks Udacity India and @Google.

Course Experience,

Google Scholarship gave me the Developing Android App” (Intermediate Level Course). They path of the course is very good and learning experience is really fabulous. Many interested stuffs with android and more upgraded things are learning from this course. And the instructor (Dan Galpin, Lyla Fujiwara, Reto Meier, Asser Samak, James Williams, Cezanne Camacho and Michael Lustig)are very cool and fun to teach toughest stuffs in easier way. And my favorite, enjoyed and wondered lessons are said to be Content Providers, Preferences and Life Cycles of Intents. Exercise projects are fully fun based and Sunshine App made me to learn more cool stuffs. Quizzes from each lessons makes me testing those toughest and thinking stuffs. Asking doubts in discussion forum make easier to clear my doubts and all buddies helped me lot when I got stuck.

Slack Experience,

One of best learning experience with different areas, different verticals, different knowledge and experienced developers. Questioning and Answering in Slack channels makes more interaction with expert developers and students. It makes self rectify myself while answering proper questions and asking proper questions. #live_help_offical channel is the best one to ask technical questions to the @iip.udacity and he’ll answering for our question. Also #ama_offical channel, is makes us to ask anything we are willing to asking related to course and also related to some other technologies. Attending Quizzes for each and every lessons in Google Form makes learning too many things. And I thank for all the channel Moderators and Co-Mod’s who helped me lot by answering my questions and also thank who helped my in both Slack and Discussion Forum when I got stuckin. I need those channels for long to interact with all developers to clear my doubts too. Thanks Akshit Sir to gave me this opportunities.

Collaborative Project Experience,

There are four collaborative projects are selected by Akshit and those are Explore India, Quiz App, Blood Donation and Community App. They are started opening the issues in the GitHub and I start contributing those projects. And gave my best Pull Request to some projects. But fortunately one of my PR is got selected by Quiz App, which I solved for Navigation Drawer Feature (User Interface) and they merged too. It is wonderful experienced and also it is one of the best practice for Open Source Contribution. Learnt about version control while contribution in various aspects.

Opportunities and Publishment,

During the scholarship, I got shortlisted as GeeksforGeeks, Campus Ambassador 2018–19 session. Based on coding Experience and other contribution stuffs. Also, one of the slack member posted a link as a reference for Jio Career called “Digital Champions”. I applied and enrolled for that and applied for Qualification round and answered well. After one week later, got invitation letter a I got in to “Jio Digital Champions” for one month digital project. And I published an Android Game called “Tappy Minions” during the scholarship. Getting more and learnt lot about Native app dev and Hybrid app development.

Got in!. Jio Digital Project!

Please be noted,

P.S: I’m writing this article because who are interested in learning programming they are, Google and Udacity will make you biggest turning point for your skill. Apply for upcoming scholarships without fail. So it’s up to you to take advantage of it.

And please be noted, apply responsibly, if you are not going to take serious about this or not willing to work hard for yourself, then your slot will help the other interested person. So think twice before applying for it.




Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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Ajay Sharvesh M P

Ajay Sharvesh M P

Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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