Get Your First Job/Internship Using LinkedIn (For Freshers)

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PS: I got my first Internship & the Job using LinkedIn Jobs!

Follow a few steps to make a Quality Profile!

Add Profile Section in Profile Settings
  1. Add Picture, Header, Summary about You!
    Go to your Profile, and click on Add Profile Section Button, then you can see a few options like Intro, About, Background, Skills, Accomplishments and so on. Go to Intro Section and add Your Professional picture and please avoid selfie or some other pictures. Add summary about you, it’s called Elevator Pitch, you’re describing about you in a few sentences.
  2. Add Work Experience & Eductions
    In the Background section, add your Educations and Work Experience (Freshers doesn’t have any official experience, but you can add your Open Source Contribution along with Organisation you contributed in, it will make your profile worthy of it).
  3. Add Certifications & Volunteering Experiences
    In the same Profile Section Button, you can see Certifications and Volunteering Experience, so go ahead and add your certifications if you have done any (Ex: If you did any courses in Udemy, Coursera, etc..! Add that information in this section). And Volunteering Experiences is like, volunteering the Events, Workshops, and many more like this. Feel free to give detailed information.
  4. Add Your Skill Set
    In this section, you can add the skills that you have learned in your academics, extra curriculum studies, and your certification skills. Don’t put on whatever the techs or computer languages you knew, you have to add a skill only if you’re learned something either basic level or intermediate, go ahead and add your skill sets.
  5. Add Accomplishments
    If you have done any projects and its source is in PlayStore or AppStore or even Github or BitBucket, add those accomplished projects in this section along with detailed description of your project and it’s source link. And also, if you wrote some articles and it's in public mode, then you’re welcome to add those details here. Add your known human languages along with proficiency.

Final Step, Turn On Job Seeking Preferences Option

PS: I can see many are using headline such as “Student at [UNIVERSITY_NAME]”, this kinda headline doesn’t make a sense, and these are not going to attract recruiters to view your profile. So, if you’re developing android apps then change it as Android Developer, good at UI/UX then change it as UI/UX Designer and so on.


Now go to LinkedIn Jobs and find your suitable roles and apply for it.



Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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Ajay Sharvesh M P

Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC