Have you heard about Google Summer of Code (GSoC)?

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What is Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is the global program which is for University Students, to make aware and work on the Open Source Software Development. Students will be working on the project for around 3 months and they will be paid for their works.

Why GSoC?

Students are busy scheduled with their academics, this must be a great opportunity for students to develop their knowledge on the real-world projects and also they can able to learn about Software Development approach which is handling in many Service and Product companies.

How can I apply?

You can’t able to apply when you think, you should wait for the month of March, only that period you can able to apply. I will provide you the link below, you should apply on their particular time period. You should clearly follow their instructions and time period.

Unsplash.com (Thanks Kristopher Roller)

Want to be a part of it?

Follow these steps to be a part of next GSoC student,

  1. Be comfortable with your skill set,
    Make sure you have experienced with a particular skill and worked on some projects related to skill set.
  2. Register for GSoC,
    Wait for a month of March(mostly applications will open on this month only), register carefully.
  3. Search for Organizations,
    In GSoC, there are 206 organizations (by 2018 stats) are participating in GSoC. Every organization has projects where the students will work on it. Search for the organizations which match your skill set and have a deep understanding of their requirements. Fix One-Three organizations for safe aside.
  4. Project Idea Research,
    After selecting the organization, choose the project idea from that organization. And make sure to comfort with their code-base and try to contribute something in their code, that makes 25%(assumption) of your chance for acceptance. If you can’t, nothing to worry about it. But make sure to understand their code-base, that is much important.
  5. Proposal Writing,
    Here are the major important role and responsibility you have. After understanding your project idea, write a proposal for this. Some organization may or may not have templates for writing a proposal. If the organization have templates, then use it (there will be instructions, that will guide you to write a proposal), if not then write your own or check other organization templates and write your own.
    PS. Proposal writing is much easier than possible, I will guide you through my upcoming blogs.
  6. Submit for Review,
    You are now ready to submit for reviewing your proposal to the organization through GSoC site. Some organization may or may not review the proposal. If they review it, then make a change if they suggested or make a review by your own (think that you are the GSoC Admin and review it :P).
From Unsplash.com

Yayy! Way to go, buddy :)

That’s it, wait for the result to be announced, be chill and relax. If you did your work best then it should pay for your work. If you got selected, then WOW, You Really Achieved Something! way to go, buddy. Strictly follow your responsibilities in the GSoC. If you got rejected, then nothing to worry, and you have a solid one year to make your skill progress and try it on next year (Even I got rejected for a time). So guys, learn new pieces of stuff every day, that must help you someday and achieve your goal.

“Don’t ever stop learning, You should #BeInDemandBuddy “

Thanks for reading this article, I’ll be posting more articles on upcoming days. Will be posing articles on weekly once, please suggest a technical topic or even some motivation article in the comment box. I’ll write a blog on it. And once again thanks, buddy!.



Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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Ajay Sharvesh M P

Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC