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Hello Guys!!!!!! Welcome to my blog. This is Ajay here, and I’m an engineer working in a startup. In this blog, you’re gonna see about Knowledge v Skill; Which is required? and What type are you?

I can see a few people are thinking about Knowledge and Skill are the…

Welcome Folks!

Hey Buddies, Welcome to CI/CD Tutor of Series #1, In this following series of tutors, I’ll be covering the DevOps stuff called Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment of your NodeJs Application. In this tutor, I’ll be covering only, how to create a NodeJs App and the following series of tutors…

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Hello Guys, this article is for Freshers who are looking for their first Job / Internship. Many have questions like How to get First Job? or How to get the Internship? If you are looking for this answer, then it’s for you. …

GSoC T-shirt

What is Google Summer of Code?

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is the global program which is for University Students, to make aware and work on the Open Source Software Development. Students will be working on the project for around 3 months and they will be paid for their works.

Why GSoC?

Students are busy scheduled with their…

Life, Competitive Programming

Being a Programmer, it will gradually increase the thinking capacity, logical solving and optimization for every solution. If you are a Novice, then start solving the simpler problem and find the solution, but it’ll really suck every programmer (Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Pro) to find a solution for each and…

Year 2018 Ends

Folks, I just wanna to share my whole story, what I actually did and made some progress of my kinds of stuff related to the tech fields. Since this story contains both success and failures, ups and downs.

January 2018

About me,

I’m Ajay Sharvesh MP (Green Little Robot :P), Sophomore, Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate at Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai. At my age of 17, I didn’t had knowledge of programming and after entering into my college life, I saw many fellows who had knowledge about programming even…

Ajay Sharvesh M P

Author • Freelancer • Full Stack • Designer • Android • GSoC

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